Friday, 11 July 2014

Forgive Me! Plus Bag Giveaway!

Please forgive my lack of posts. I have been swept away in the summer busyness where you have no spare time, but in reality, you haven't really done anything. Work, sunshine and Netflix have stole me away. Not to mention, I have finally got around to watching Game Of Thrones (only on Season 3, no spoilers please) so between that and Orange Is The New Black I have completely neglected my blog.

I've taken to knitting and gradually improving my skills, I'm really enjoying taking one of my projects over to a local park and catching some rays. As I am typing, I realise I have three bags beside me that I have made, g-g-g-g-giveaway time! To think, I wasn't even going to mention this mellow, new hobby of mine. 

These are fairly simple, cute, little cross-body bags that I made, inspired by a pattern found in one of my mum's magazines. One winner will be selected to win the bag of their choice. 

Choice of colour: Blue/Black, Cream/Green and Blue/Lime

I have actually drafted up the next few posts, so no more radio silence, I promise. Posts to look forward to include E.L.F haul with a small giveaway and I am currently working on a collaborative giveaway, awesome stuff.

Open to UK entrants only.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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