Tuesday, 20 May 2014

De Moore Media

De Moore, De Better. 

So exciting things are brewing! De Moore Media and Dangerously Delilah have collaborated and I am the official blogger. What, whaaat!

De Moore Media is an exciting new company, covering whatever media needs you may have.

Services including and not limited to:

Web Design
Music videos
All types of photography (London based studio)
Sales and marketing

And so much more, if you don't ask you don't get. We really are a one stop shop. We even offer pamper photo-shoot experiences at our London based studio, where you will be treated to hair and make-up whilst sipping on champagne.

We are fresh, focused and growing fast. Our founder is a ferocious, go getter who always reaches their goals and takes that approach to De Moore Media's clients and their targets. De Moore Media delivers. With a determination to get the job done at the highest standards, the De Moore Media team leave no stone unturned.

Keep watching this space to be updated, whilst De Moore Media continues to grow and develop. 

Make sure to like the De Moore Media Facebook page for regular giveaways and fun competitions.

For all enquires, the De Moore Media team are contactable via the Facebook page and email.

Monday, 5 May 2014

Le Metier De Beaute Eyelash Curler

I don't often curl my lashes, I have an irrational fear of them falling out and being left with bald eyelids. Not to freak you out or anything, but eyelashes don't actually grow back! That being said, occasionally, I like to go full hog. Make a proper effort. 

As a pre-teen, I used to mess around with those cheap, crap ones that would steal a bunch of my precious lashes and quite frankly, terrify me. Fast forward more than a few years, I have definitely upgraded. My Le Metier De Beaute curlers, £17 are a delight to use. So as eyelash curlers come, these are a bit pricey, but honestly, they are so well made, I don't see myself having to repurchase any for a very long time, an investment, one might say.

As little wriggle room as eyelash curlers have in terms of design, these have managed to avoid the medieval torture device, intimidating structure we have become accustomed to. I love the sleek, metal frame with black trim on the handles. Very cute detail with 'Le Metier De Beaute' stamped at the top. These are a delight to use, fitting perfectly on my eye and effortless to clamp down over the lashes without catching the lid. I tend to clamp for about 10 seconds per eye and the effect is noticeable. A lovely wide eyed look to be accentuated with my favourite mascara, of the moment.