Sunday, 20 April 2014

Update Your Bookmarks!

As you are probably well aware of now, I changed domains. The previous will still link back to here, so no need to worry, this post is just to enable me to move all my followers! 

Plus, I think the new address is so much better!

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Make A Blogger Header Using Pic Monkey

Now that I've finally sorted out the image quality on Blogger, I can concentrate on making it 'mine'. Starting with a statement header. So I did what any technical savvy person does, I Googled. Header dimensions, software, font sizes and I collaborated my results from a variety of sources, tinkering a bit to adapt to me. This really was a bit of trial and error, using bits of information from all over the world wide web. My header is very simplistic, but representative of Dangerously Delilah. So I'm just going to give you a little run through on how I made my header, for free.

If you haven't yet sorted out your image quality issues on Blogger, follow the instructions on my recent post here. It really makes a huge impact on the quality of your title.

Step One: Software

There are a ton of free applications out there, ones I frequently use on both laptop and tablet form but one really took the lead when it came to designing this all important blog title. PicMonkey is a free online photo editor, with the option to upgrade to premium, something I will definitely be doing when I set myself some time to design my background! I really can't sing enough praises for PicMonkey and all that it does but for now, I will to stick to the header. I specifically chose PicMonkey for its overlay and font options.

Step Two: Dimensions

This definitely was trial and error, every site had different suggestions and the first I chose didn't actually fit my blog. Annoying! Then I had a moment of clarity, in your Blogger Template Designer there is an 'Adjust Widths' section, click that and there is the width of your 'Entire Blog.' Bingo! Mine is 960 px. So now that we have our PicMonkey ready, we will be hovering our mouse over design, selecting custom and entering 960 x 300.

Step Three: Designing

You now have your blank canvas, so everything is up to you! A rule of thumb for title font size is 72, so aim for there about and you should be fine. In my personal opinion, headers should be clear, concise and simple. Nothing too clustered that hurts the eyes, but on the same note you want people to remember your name. Pick a font that suits your theme to keep consistency. Add an image, your own or choose from the many overlays. 

Like I said, mine was very trial and error but I am pleased with the end results. I opted to go for my title large and clear, added my blogs motto and the lips were the result of me playing around with all the different options. Accidental or not, it worked! I changed the lips to the fuschia pink that accents throughout the blog. It really bought the whole thing together. The font used was 'Bilbo Swash Caps' aye, aye, Cap'n. 

Now, the before picture actually poorer quality as its a screen shot previous to when I learnt to fix the image quality.

Step Four: Uploading Onto Blog

Oops, I actually published this post without posting this step, probably the most crucial of all the steps. 

Open up your Blogger dashboard and select 'Layout'. Click on 'Edit' in the Header section. Up will pop a 'Configure Header' box where you will have the options to upload your image from your computer or a website.

Upload your image and then select 'Instead of title and description'. Or whatever option you want in all fairness, it's your blog. 

I hope this helps and would love to see any fantastic headers you make using my little how to!

Friday, 11 April 2014


Finally, I have customised my blog to something I'm proud of and bought the domain! Over the past few months this has been really gaining traction, keeping me excited and motivated to share posts with you all. I was going to wait to until 400 followers, but I am not one that copes well with waiting.

Upcoming posts include tips on customising your own blogs, for free, so any of you who are bored of your blog stay tuned!

So as well as updating the blog, I also set up the Facebook page and Instagram accounts. I've been really productive the past few days. One thing I really need to do though, is to find a system that better organises my post schedule, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I've actually been really stuck on what to give away this time, as I do have two future prizes planned. I've opted for another voucher this time, again £10.00 but this time you get to decide on an online store for yourself! So perhaps a feelunique or Amazon? It does have to be an e-voucher and one from a reputable store. When the winner is selected, I will contact you to find out which store and then purchase the e-voucher and send it on to said winner! Hope that makes sense? Feel free to contact me for clarification.

For your chance to win, enter using the simple Rafflecopter form below!

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Thursday, 10 April 2014

Makeup Academy BB Cream

I have used a few BB and CC creams as of late, I like the idea of one cream doing everything for you. I am not a morning person, so anything that earns me extra pillow time is a winner. This BB cream in particular has caught my eye in the bloggers realm, relatively good things have been written. What stands out most for me has to be the affordability. £4.00 is an absolute bargain, but I managed to get mine on offer for £3.00 at Superdrug. 

First impressions without using has to be its an attractive little bottle, will fit in well with all my others. A massive issue for me though, no SPF. Eek, it was almost a deal breaker. One of the biggest causes of ageing skin is sun damage, we should always be protecting our skin. No bother, I will stick on my day cream underneath. Testing the colour out in store, the Light Shade 1 completely matched my ghoulish tone, perfect. Although I did notice it the cream itself was kind of gloopy and heavy, maybe that was just the tester. We'll soon find out.

Okay, so as I stated earlier, this BB cream doesn't contain SPF so the first picture is a naked base with Good Things Face The Day Moisturiser. Ready to go.

As you can see, my skin is in post-break out mode. The tell tale dark patches of spots departed. It's also pretty red, so the cream did have its work cut out.

Applying the cream wasn't that pleasant its quite thick and doesn't go where you want it to, it will take some adjusting to. Use sparingly. With that being said, there was a noticeable effect on the redness and the coverage was fair. Big problem though, it's oily. No thanks!

I'm a problem solver though, so to combat the problems faced I applied concealer to my tired eyes and some matte powder. Even with these extra touches, I'm not completely satisfied. I can actually see the make up on my face, I hate that. Initially, it felt very heavy on my face but as of now it seems to have settled somewhat. My face feels very smooth.

Overall, I'm feeling a bit 'meh' about this product but I will give it a chance. Product value vs quality I would give it a 3/5, perhaps a 2 if I paid £4.00 considering there are very decent ones in the range of £6.99 - £9.99. It is a lot of effort for a cream that is supposed to replace the need for the extra I had to do on top.

Don't worry, I applied some salve to those dry lips after! ;)

Dangerously Del xx

Throwback Thursday!

On this day, 10 years ago, McFly were number one with Five Colours In Her Hair. I was 16 and pretending that I was too cool for this song, I secretly loved it though! I obviously listened to it a lot because I am singing along to every word as I type this.  


In this era I was mostly wearing denim dungarees and dungaree dresses, only one strap attached with turn over Kickers boots. I must have looked like I was one of the Dexy's Midnight Runners singing Come On Eileen. I have to listen to it now. I included the link for you to share the pain. Tu-ra-lu-ra tu-ra-lu-ra aaaaaaaayyyyy.

Back on track, these were the closest I could find on Google. They are the exact style, but mine were a light tan with the fold down part in the same soft pink. I loved them. Would I wear them now? Probably not, majority of my clothes are slim fit these days, I'd look like a clown with those blocks on the end of my feet.

Dangerously Del xxx