Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Spring Inspirations!

Blue skies, budding leaves and cool fresh air. The sharp yellow of daffodils, the soft pinks of blossom. Colour returns after winter, I love spring. Spring motivates me, makes me want to do things! Makes my fingers itch and finally after starting two years ago, makes me want to complete my unloved bedroom. I got as far as stripping the walls, that's it. Two years of bare walls, that as time passed, I grew to ignore. 

Mood board time! For once, I know exactly what I want, instead of flinging together random, unmatching items, I have somewhat of a theme. 

I have decided to opt for a floral, fresh, feminine feel. I haven't yet decided on the main walls colour, but I'm bound to pick some shade of off-white. 

  1. This gorgeous fake blossom ornament is from Wilkinson's for only £8.00. I absolutely love Wilkinson's for their affordable accessories that brighten up the drabbest of rooms. Looking around my room over half of my ceramics are sourced from there.
  2. I regret finding this gorgeous shuttered mirror from Sainsbury's as its currently out of stock! I'm going to do my best to hunt this down, for £20.00 its reminiscent of French windows, capable of transforming this hovel into a boudoir of sorts. Although if I can't source it, I'm sure I could DIY a really shoddy version.
  3. I'm not sure if I even want to share this before it's purchased and up on my 'statement' wall. This wallpaper is what pulled together all these ideas. Now, I actually really dislike birds, especially pigeons, but that's another story for some other time. The essence of these birds on the gorgeous spring blossom, with subtle bursts of of colour that I can easily accessorize to draw them out. It is available from B&Q at £16 a roll, which is all I need.
  4. Every new season comes with its own smells that is a must to emulate in the home. I haven't yet tested the Sweet Pink by Yankee Candle but the look, brand and amazing double wick have me suckered in! 85 hours of burn time for £19.99. Another place I love to pick up my home fragrances is Sainsbury's, they always have fine scented, long lasting and reasonably priced deals on.
I realise that if I go for the statement wall, I must forgo my statement duvet covers. Ouch. That hurts. I can do this. Just don't make me do white sheets, I enjoy eating in bed too much.

Dangerously Del xx


  1. Hahaha me too! Bed munchies are the greatest! Super post btw :)

    1. Thank you, the Mr doesn't agree! 'You been eating popcorn again?' Ooops!