Friday, 28 March 2014

Poor Image Quality On Blogger

This was driving me bananas. I tried to create myself a simple header image with a white background in a creative moment, but no, it just wouldn't happen. I must have tried at least 20 times checking over and over, trying to discover where I'd gone wrong. My pictures were somehow altering somewhere! Nowhere on my Blogger section could I find a solution and I just gave up.

That was until tonight, two of my recent posts were left with embarrassing low quality images that were the whole basis of the posts themselves. It was pissing me off. This time, Googling answered my search needs sufficiently. I found the answer over at Peek and Ponder, a beauty blog.

If you follow her relatively easy instructions on such a long-winded journey to fixing our pictures! Apparently Google allows Picassa to auto-enhance them or some bull crap. Although, my options are slightly different to those in the post. I'll give you a quick run through on how I rectified the problem.

  1. Google+ homepage
  2. Home drop down list 
  3. Select Settings at the bottom
  4. Under the header 'Photos and Videos' turn Auto-enhance to Off
Dangerously Del x


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  2. interesting great to learn