Thursday, 27 March 2014

Blogger Tips! Twitter!

I find Twitter a messy social platform, in the sense that if you don't keep on top of it, you lose control. Making a blog dedicated twitter is an amazing way to keep in touch with readers and update them of any new posts or developments. I enjoy interacting with my followers but I cannot stand the unfollowers. I follow back all of my followers, with the exception of porn accounts and blatant spammers. 

An old account of mine I follow up to follower limit, 2001 and I cannot be bothered to clean it up. Its a mundane task that I began and then immediately stopped. My personal twitter is messy, but can be sorted with a bit of elbow grease, one day, when I care enough to. 

I have learnt my twitter lesson, and @DangerouslyDel is so much cleaner. Apart from the fact that @DangerouslyDelilah was too long a name for a twitter handle, I'm pleased with the direction its headed.

As you can see, my following to follower ratio is good and very easy to maintain since I downloaded Followers+ for Twitter. It's a simple application that breaks your followers down into categories, my favourite being New Unfollowers.

Checking out the Non-Followers is great way to decide if you want to continue to follow people who don't follow you. That one new unfollower is bugging me now, so I'm off to sort that out! Cheeky twitter plug, FOLLOW ME @DangerouslyDel

Dangerously Del xx


  1. Ooh this is handy! I've had a few sneaky unfollowers and I don't have the time to find out who it is! Lovely and helpful post x

    1. Exactly why I love the app! Thank you x