Sunday, 16 February 2014

Sunday Evening Pamper Session

I love Sunday evenings, it's a routine I've developed over the years to the point where at 10 pm I'm in a state of almost comatose bliss. I think it initially started to wash away the filth and debauchery of the weekend, binge drinking sessions that left my body feeling exhausted.  Now its a necessity that I cannot afford to miss.

Every Sunday I change my sheets, quite frankly there is no better feeling than clean sheets. Then I follow it up using my fool proof pamper session! My collection of products is HUGE. I'm like my own branch of Boots. It keeps growing too! I'm not looking to stop any time soon, either. So here is my selection of this Sunday's session!

First thing is first, setting the mood. I light some candles and get the oil burner on the go, set the laptop up to watch episodes of Criminal Minds on Netflix.

Okay, so maybe 11 different products might be a little over the top. But believe me, when you experience bliss like this, you will thank me. It may seem a lot, but this is a top to toe full body worship routine. You will be left feeling like a goddess. 


So first up is the Sanctuary Spa Fresh-Faced Purifying Wash followed by the Sanctuary Spa Radiance Exfoliator. These two combined really do ensure that what ever gunk is attached to your face is gone, resulting in a fresh, smooth look and feel. These two alone work brilliantly, but this is about ultimate relaxation. Zen. So we bust out the big gun, in the form of Good Things Five Minute Facial Face Mask. By the time you are finished, you feel as if you have a new face to face the new week with. 


Exfoliation is key to healthy, smooth skin and Soap and Glory's Pulp Friction is my go to! I absolutely love how this keeps my body soft and healthy. No7 Blissful Body wash has a luxuriously, delicate scent and is as equally delicate to your skin. 


We tend to forget about our feet and I won't lie to you, this isn't included every week. I do it when its too late. When my heels are cracked and I refuse to take off my socks in bed! Prevention is always better than cure. At the moment, I am post rescue, with this fresh in mind I am in the very least aiming to keep on top of my feet! 


This is the bit I love the most, lighting an incense stick and bringing the candles in from the bathroom. Then moisturising the shit out of my body. I have moisturiser for every need. This week, I'm feeling a little weather damaged and can see the early signs of a psoriasis breakout, so I need to make sure my skin is as loved as possible. Jergens is perfect for this as your skin literally drinks it in. I use Palmer's Skin Firming Lotion on my ass in the hopes that one day, it won't sag. 

Back to the face, No7 Protect and Perfect Night Cream and Good Things Bright Eyes Eye Cream are the dream team in ensuring your face is ready for the best nights sleep of your life. I get into my favourite pyjamas, grab a cheeky snack and lay back to enjoy the bliss I've created.

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Dangerously Del xx


  1. Hi ya

    What a pamper session you have. It does sound great though and we do need to look after ourselves more.

    Blessings Janet

  2. great post, I love those sanctuary products as well X

  3. Pahaha I think you may be the funniest beauty blogger out there! Love your tips and love that your recommendations aren't that expensive
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