Monday, 10 February 2014

Scented Seduction Secrets

I firmly believe that as well as looking good, smelling good is equally important. In fact, you should aim to smell better than how you look. Especially when you plan on wearing very little at all. Valentine's Day, the day for lovers across the world to become clich├ęd, roses, wine, candlelight and chocolate. The things that society tells us we need to express our 'love' for one and other. All of that of course, is a precursor of events to come, the main expression of love being the physical. 

Scent, being one of our 5 senses is often overlooked, but is a powerful stimulant. I read a statistic somewhere that you can accurately place a smell 65% of the time after a year as compared to the 50% of your visual counterpart. In other words, if you want to make this a night to remember you need to place these scent memory triggers. 

An alluring perfume is a requisite for women and men alike but a rookie mistake is to douse your actual skin with it! There is nothing attractive about nuzzling your partners neck and getting the taste of perfume on your tongue, casually trying to lick the pillow, anything to get rid of it. 

Top Tips

My number one tip is using a perfume that makes me feel sexy but instead of using it on my skin I spray it lightly onto my hair and a bit on the sheets/pillows. That way your fragrance is flowing but is not counteracting any physical play. Don't overdo it though!

A more subtle approach of course, are scented moisturisers which leave a faint smell but doesn't really last long. This is only really effective straight after bathing.

Don't forget the power of scented candles and oil burners, lightly fragrancing the room whilst your body is now a blank canvas to do with as you please. 

Dangerously Del xx

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