Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Good Deeds Day, March 9, 2014

Have you ever had a bag break on you with the entire contents spilling out onto the road? That dread you feel as you try to scurry around and rescue your belongings, only to realise that now your bag has broke, you have no way to carry your groceries home. You're ready to break down in tears until a stranger appears with the tools to save your day. An older, experienced lady hands you a carrier bag reassuring you that these things happen all the time and she carries spares just for these reasons. A handsome man appears from nowhere, making eye contact with you as he hands you your years supply of tampons and the tub of ice cream that escaped as your bag exploded. Well, why else would your bag betray you if it weren't to ensure you were completely humiliated? 

You scuttle away, hurriedly after saying thank you a thousand times, a little embarrassed but feeling amazing. The kindness of these strangers have completely changed the direction of your day. You update your Facebook status to share your misfortune, have a chuckle to yourself. But what do you do to continue this chain of kindness? I remember reading an article on Reddit about a person going to buy a coffee and inadvertently becoming part of a 'Pay it Forward' chain and the thread left me feeling genuinely happy reading the random acts of kindness. I couldn't imagine being the Ebenezer who 'Bah Humbugs!' the chain, walking away miserably with my free coffee. 

I live in London, a city notorious for its ignorance. We are fast paced and afraid of eye contact. The smile of a stranger is the sign of a serial killer, inner thoughts of 'This happy man is definitely going to slay the entire carriage.' There are little things we can do to break the monotony of this and spread ripples of kindness through the London transport system and anywhere for that matter. We can help the mother at the top of the stairs of Hackney Downs Station with a toddler and a young child in a pram. We can hold up a bus we see someone running for. We can let someone with one item in front of us in the queue. We can do all these things, simply because we can. 

Good Deeds Day is celebrating its 7th annual celebration of good deeds this year. The concept of which is a simple one, encourage others to do selfless acts for the benefit of others. They even send out packs for you to participate in, just click the image that best represents you! There are options to organize a volunteering event or find an event to volunteer at. My accessory is Words Of Magic, in which they sent me a bundle of three cards with inspiring quotes to send on.

So as well as sending out these cards I have decided to use social media to say kind things to the people in my life. A simple 'I like your hair here!' comment on someone's picture can really make their day. My mother always said 'If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.' If you get stuck for ideas, the accessory pack comes with ten suggestions to help you out!

I'd love to hear about your plans for Good Deeds Day, if you decided to apply for an accessory pack, what category did you get? Let me know about a time someone did something for you for no reason other than that of being kind.

Dangerously Del xx

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  1. Wow! Amazing post! It really made think. I'm gonna try and do some good deeds today :-) x