Friday, 7 February 2014

CK One - Red Edition

 I have a thing for perfume, its affordable glamour, to a degree. I love the bottles almost as much as I love the scents. Perfume gossip with the ladies certainly beats small talk about the weather. Friends late to meet you at the shopping centre? Perfume testing time, spritzing little pieces of card with a variety of scents. Actually this is one of my little tips for your handbag, those little sample cards are amazing for keeping your bag smelling amazing. Drop a few in of your favourite scent, or a variety just because you can! 

 I can't stop sniffing myself. If you weren't ready for Valentine's day, this will certainly get you in the mood. CK One Red Edition for him and her are a gorgeous addition for any couples bathroom shelf or a cute little reminder for distant lovers. 

As always, these come in glass hip flask-esque bottles with a spray cap in the box. They have glamourous metallic red caps with a simple CK logo, Hers in a clear bottle, His in a translucent black.

It's available from Superdrug £25 for 50 ml.

For Her

Gorgeous scent that really stays true to the original, but less floral and more sexy. I remember being hooked to CK One in early 2000, I was around 13 and my parents refused to get me it. I don't blame them, those were the days when I would douse myself with half a can of Impulse at a time, 'You smell like a whores boudoir!' Thanks, Mum. I got older and CK One had lost its appeal, it was out, it reminded me of the Two Pints generation, one I narrowly avoided! 

I lost my trail of thought there but I won't filter it out, back to the perfume. Calvin Klein's Euphoria bought CK back into the game for me, it was a contender! So on my next trip to the perfume counter, I didn't disregard CK One with the same notion as I did Tommy Girl and Armani Jeans, I spritzed it and fell in love all over again. I kept sniffing that card with the devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other. I'm not exactly sure who won, long story short, I bought CK One. Two weeks later, I smashed it. Whatever, I'm over it. 

This scent is lasting and strong, so use sparingly. She garnered a lot of compliments, always a good sign and people were surprised when I told them it was CK One Red. I haven't tried it out on 'him' yet, but I'll be sure to update when I do. ;) 

For Him

Now, until I give him to 'him', this will be a limited woman's point of view. I tried using my Neanderthal brothers who grunted and banged their chests when I asked what they thought of it. 'It's alright, I s'pose.' 

Well, that didn't start off too well, I just sprayed it in my face. Nice. Nonetheless, OMG. It's proper sexy! Dark, manly, strong. Not one I could get away with nicking occasionally but one I could definitely see myself nuzzling into.

The pair complement each other gorgeously, a sensual blend. 

Dangerously Del xxx

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