Sunday, 26 January 2014

St Valentine's Day Ann Summers Wishlist

With 'The Day of Love' fast approaching, it's only apt to do a post on it. I'm not a romantic person at all, flowers only die, I can buy myself chocolate, etc. In fact, the whole hearts and cards thing makes me feel a little bit sick. Then something finally clicked, it doesn't have to be soppy and almost grovelling, it can be selfish and sexy.

This year, I'm technically single. Well, it's early days and I hate labels. Whatever. I am a grown woman enjoying some sex. Now, there need not to be any declarations, but we can use this as an excuse to get our freak on. I can get 'us' some gifts that are really more for me. This year it's time to say goodbye to Hallmark and hello to Ann Summers.

In the case of my new lover, less is more and red is the go to colour, which is why these gorgeous, bow tied briefs are perfect to wrap up the main present! It's all about the arse these days and this beaut definitely makes sure yours is one to be contended with! Now, dressing up is more for him but it doesn't hurt to look and feel sexy! He will make it worth your while! I suggest teaming them with your highest, sexiest heels for maximum effect.

For the fun part! The selfish bit! The Rocks Off Gold Bullet Collection is a bargain for £15 and guaranteed to keep you entertained when the Mr isn't around (or even more when he is!) This is ultimately going to spice up Valentine's to a whole new level,
let go of your inhibitions and let your man take control! I'm especially liking the mini bullet, great for emergencies ;) or just to catch your man off guard whenever takes your fancy. It's glamourous gold shell reinforces the sexiness that you're aiming for. Enjoy.

To maximise sensations chuck in a Rub Tub Set and it's game, set and match! 

Dangerously Del xxx

Don't be shy... comment with your Valentine's ideas below!

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