Monday, 27 January 2014

My Skin Secret

During the winter, its really important to keep your skin hydrated, especially if you're not a fan of the alligator look. I moisturise daily, keeping my skin in tip top condition, but sometimes it needs that something extra. For an intensive skin rescue, that softens everything at once I use an oil that I found in a store called Pak's.

Africa's Best Ultimate Herbal Oil is a multi-purpose oil for use on hair, bath and body. I opt for the bath and body. I add a tablespoon or two or three, into a hot bath and then soak my worries away. I find this does all the hard work for me, even rough skin on my feet is softened. It has a sexy, musky smell that lingers adding to the experience. Everyone that I've recommended this too has loved it, the oil just makes your skin feel like it is loved. What's more, is that it's only £1.99! Just find your local Pak's type stores, that sell Afro-Caribbean beauty products and hair, etc. 

I've found it on Amazon for just over £4.00 with delivery, definitely worth giving it a try!

Dangerously Del xx


  1. The oil sounds fantastic! I love a good multipurpose product :)
    Hope you're well?
    Laura xx

    1. It's awesome! I'm great, how are you doing?

      Thanks for dropping by, I sent you some love back on your blog.

      Del x