Thursday, 17 July 2014

e.l.f Haul - With Giveaway

e.l.f just celebrated their 10th birthday and let us celebrate with them by having a massive 51% sale on EVERYTHING. Were you lucky enough to take advantage of this offer?

I was previously an e.l.f virgin, but hearing many a good thing about throughout the blogosphere made it impossible to pass this up! I'd admired their really positive, informative and interactive social media posts for a while now, so it was high time that I bought in. 

Initially, I wanted to get one of their highly praised brush sets, but alas, they were sold out :( you beauts beat me to it! Never mind, I got a lot of other bits and pieces. 

After playing around with these, I can safely say quite a few of these are going to become my staples.

Well seeing as e.l.f stands for eyes. lips. face it is only apt that I set my post in the same layout. I'm looking forward to do some in-depth posts in the future on these products.


For me, during the summer months, I like to stay bare faced but always have my eyes done. A lashing of mascara and a blend of shadows to match my mood, just to keep me looking alive. 


I can't believe I only bought one lip product! There was just so much to choose from, I did have the nourishing lipstick in my basket, but when I went to purchase it someone had snapped up my shade! 

So, my solitary product is Plumping Lip Glaze - Plum Pout.


When the sunkissed look has faded, I need help. My porcelain pale skin needs perking up and I'm really excited about the goodies I've got from e.l.f especially the HD Mattifying Cream Foundation. Mattifying is really important to me as my contraception makes me look like I have fallen asleep in a bag of chips, occasionally.


I picked up a couple goodies for my gorgeous fans on Facebook and Twitter - a Brightening Eye Colour - Noveau Neutrals.

Twitter: Follow and RT here!
Facebook: Like both the page and competition post here!
Two winners will be chosen one from Facebook, one from Twitter. Good luck all.

The best part of all this was the price! Even without the sale, e.l.f prices are a really fantastic for the quality. Cannot wait to add to my collection. Did you manage to scoop up any bargains on time?

Friday, 11 July 2014

Forgive Me! Plus Bag Giveaway!

Please forgive my lack of posts. I have been swept away in the summer busyness where you have no spare time, but in reality, you haven't really done anything. Work, sunshine and Netflix have stole me away. Not to mention, I have finally got around to watching Game Of Thrones (only on Season 3, no spoilers please) so between that and Orange Is The New Black I have completely neglected my blog.

I've taken to knitting and gradually improving my skills, I'm really enjoying taking one of my projects over to a local park and catching some rays. As I am typing, I realise I have three bags beside me that I have made, g-g-g-g-giveaway time! To think, I wasn't even going to mention this mellow, new hobby of mine. 

These are fairly simple, cute, little cross-body bags that I made, inspired by a pattern found in one of my mum's magazines. One winner will be selected to win the bag of their choice. 

Choice of colour: Blue/Black, Cream/Green and Blue/Lime

I have actually drafted up the next few posts, so no more radio silence, I promise. Posts to look forward to include E.L.F haul with a small giveaway and I am currently working on a collaborative giveaway, awesome stuff.

Open to UK entrants only.

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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

De Moore Media

De Moore, De Better. 

So exciting things are brewing! De Moore Media and Dangerously Delilah have collaborated and I am the official blogger. What, whaaat!

De Moore Media is an exciting new company, covering whatever media needs you may have.

Services including and not limited to:

Web Design
Music videos
All types of photography (London based studio)
Sales and marketing

And so much more, if you don't ask you don't get. We really are a one stop shop. We even offer pamper photo-shoot experiences at our London based studio, where you will be treated to hair and make-up whilst sipping on champagne.

We are fresh, focused and growing fast. Our founder is a ferocious, go getter who always reaches their goals and takes that approach to De Moore Media's clients and their targets. De Moore Media delivers. With a determination to get the job done at the highest standards, the De Moore Media team leave no stone unturned.

Keep watching this space to be updated, whilst De Moore Media continues to grow and develop. 

Make sure to like the De Moore Media Facebook page for regular giveaways and fun competitions.

For all enquires, the De Moore Media team are contactable via the Facebook page and email.

Monday, 5 May 2014

Le Metier De Beaute Eyelash Curler

I don't often curl my lashes, I have an irrational fear of them falling out and being left with bald eyelids. Not to freak you out or anything, but eyelashes don't actually grow back! That being said, occasionally, I like to go full hog. Make a proper effort. 

As a pre-teen, I used to mess around with those cheap, crap ones that would steal a bunch of my precious lashes and quite frankly, terrify me. Fast forward more than a few years, I have definitely upgraded. My Le Metier De Beaute curlers, £17 are a delight to use. So as eyelash curlers come, these are a bit pricey, but honestly, they are so well made, I don't see myself having to repurchase any for a very long time, an investment, one might say.

As little wriggle room as eyelash curlers have in terms of design, these have managed to avoid the medieval torture device, intimidating structure we have become accustomed to. I love the sleek, metal frame with black trim on the handles. Very cute detail with 'Le Metier De Beaute' stamped at the top. These are a delight to use, fitting perfectly on my eye and effortless to clamp down over the lashes without catching the lid. I tend to clamp for about 10 seconds per eye and the effect is noticeable. A lovely wide eyed look to be accentuated with my favourite mascara, of the moment.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Update Your Bookmarks!

As you are probably well aware of now, I changed domains. The previous will still link back to here, so no need to worry, this post is just to enable me to move all my followers! 

Plus, I think the new address is so much better!

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Make A Blogger Header Using Pic Monkey

Now that I've finally sorted out the image quality on Blogger, I can concentrate on making it 'mine'. Starting with a statement header. So I did what any technical savvy person does, I Googled. Header dimensions, software, font sizes and I collaborated my results from a variety of sources, tinkering a bit to adapt to me. This really was a bit of trial and error, using bits of information from all over the world wide web. My header is very simplistic, but representative of Dangerously Delilah. So I'm just going to give you a little run through on how I made my header, for free.

If you haven't yet sorted out your image quality issues on Blogger, follow the instructions on my recent post here. It really makes a huge impact on the quality of your title.

Step One: Software

There are a ton of free applications out there, ones I frequently use on both laptop and tablet form but one really took the lead when it came to designing this all important blog title. PicMonkey is a free online photo editor, with the option to upgrade to premium, something I will definitely be doing when I set myself some time to design my background! I really can't sing enough praises for PicMonkey and all that it does but for now, I will to stick to the header. I specifically chose PicMonkey for its overlay and font options.

Step Two: Dimensions

This definitely was trial and error, every site had different suggestions and the first I chose didn't actually fit my blog. Annoying! Then I had a moment of clarity, in your Blogger Template Designer there is an 'Adjust Widths' section, click that and there is the width of your 'Entire Blog.' Bingo! Mine is 960 px. So now that we have our PicMonkey ready, we will be hovering our mouse over design, selecting custom and entering 960 x 300.

Step Three: Designing

You now have your blank canvas, so everything is up to you! A rule of thumb for title font size is 72, so aim for there about and you should be fine. In my personal opinion, headers should be clear, concise and simple. Nothing too clustered that hurts the eyes, but on the same note you want people to remember your name. Pick a font that suits your theme to keep consistency. Add an image, your own or choose from the many overlays. 

Like I said, mine was very trial and error but I am pleased with the end results. I opted to go for my title large and clear, added my blogs motto and the lips were the result of me playing around with all the different options. Accidental or not, it worked! I changed the lips to the fuschia pink that accents throughout the blog. It really bought the whole thing together. The font used was 'Bilbo Swash Caps' aye, aye, Cap'n. 

Now, the before picture actually poorer quality as its a screen shot previous to when I learnt to fix the image quality.

Step Four: Uploading Onto Blog

Oops, I actually published this post without posting this step, probably the most crucial of all the steps. 

Open up your Blogger dashboard and select 'Layout'. Click on 'Edit' in the Header section. Up will pop a 'Configure Header' box where you will have the options to upload your image from your computer or a website.

Upload your image and then select 'Instead of title and description'. Or whatever option you want in all fairness, it's your blog. 

I hope this helps and would love to see any fantastic headers you make using my little how to!

Friday, 11 April 2014


Finally, I have customised my blog to something I'm proud of and bought the domain! Over the past few months this has been really gaining traction, keeping me excited and motivated to share posts with you all. I was going to wait to until 400 followers, but I am not one that copes well with waiting.

Upcoming posts include tips on customising your own blogs, for free, so any of you who are bored of your blog stay tuned!

So as well as updating the blog, I also set up the Facebook page and Instagram accounts. I've been really productive the past few days. One thing I really need to do though, is to find a system that better organises my post schedule, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I've actually been really stuck on what to give away this time, as I do have two future prizes planned. I've opted for another voucher this time, again £10.00 but this time you get to decide on an online store for yourself! So perhaps a feelunique or Amazon? It does have to be an e-voucher and one from a reputable store. When the winner is selected, I will contact you to find out which store and then purchase the e-voucher and send it on to said winner! Hope that makes sense? Feel free to contact me for clarification.

For your chance to win, enter using the simple Rafflecopter form below!

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Thursday, 10 April 2014

Makeup Academy BB Cream

I have used a few BB and CC creams as of late, I like the idea of one cream doing everything for you. I am not a morning person, so anything that earns me extra pillow time is a winner. This BB cream in particular has caught my eye in the bloggers realm, relatively good things have been written. What stands out most for me has to be the affordability. £4.00 is an absolute bargain, but I managed to get mine on offer for £3.00 at Superdrug. 

First impressions without using has to be its an attractive little bottle, will fit in well with all my others. A massive issue for me though, no SPF. Eek, it was almost a deal breaker. One of the biggest causes of ageing skin is sun damage, we should always be protecting our skin. No bother, I will stick on my day cream underneath. Testing the colour out in store, the Light Shade 1 completely matched my ghoulish tone, perfect. Although I did notice it the cream itself was kind of gloopy and heavy, maybe that was just the tester. We'll soon find out.

Okay, so as I stated earlier, this BB cream doesn't contain SPF so the first picture is a naked base with Good Things Face The Day Moisturiser. Ready to go.

As you can see, my skin is in post-break out mode. The tell tale dark patches of spots departed. It's also pretty red, so the cream did have its work cut out.

Applying the cream wasn't that pleasant its quite thick and doesn't go where you want it to, it will take some adjusting to. Use sparingly. With that being said, there was a noticeable effect on the redness and the coverage was fair. Big problem though, it's oily. No thanks!

I'm a problem solver though, so to combat the problems faced I applied concealer to my tired eyes and some matte powder. Even with these extra touches, I'm not completely satisfied. I can actually see the make up on my face, I hate that. Initially, it felt very heavy on my face but as of now it seems to have settled somewhat. My face feels very smooth.

Overall, I'm feeling a bit 'meh' about this product but I will give it a chance. Product value vs quality I would give it a 3/5, perhaps a 2 if I paid £4.00 considering there are very decent ones in the range of £6.99 - £9.99. It is a lot of effort for a cream that is supposed to replace the need for the extra I had to do on top.

Don't worry, I applied some salve to those dry lips after! ;)

Dangerously Del xx

Throwback Thursday!

On this day, 10 years ago, McFly were number one with Five Colours In Her Hair. I was 16 and pretending that I was too cool for this song, I secretly loved it though! I obviously listened to it a lot because I am singing along to every word as I type this.  


In this era I was mostly wearing denim dungarees and dungaree dresses, only one strap attached with turn over Kickers boots. I must have looked like I was one of the Dexy's Midnight Runners singing Come On Eileen. I have to listen to it now. I included the link for you to share the pain. Tu-ra-lu-ra tu-ra-lu-ra aaaaaaaayyyyy.

Back on track, these were the closest I could find on Google. They are the exact style, but mine were a light tan with the fold down part in the same soft pink. I loved them. Would I wear them now? Probably not, majority of my clothes are slim fit these days, I'd look like a clown with those blocks on the end of my feet.

Dangerously Del xxx

Friday, 28 March 2014

Poor Image Quality On Blogger

This was driving me bananas. I tried to create myself a simple header image with a white background in a creative moment, but no, it just wouldn't happen. I must have tried at least 20 times checking over and over, trying to discover where I'd gone wrong. My pictures were somehow altering somewhere! Nowhere on my Blogger section could I find a solution and I just gave up.

That was until tonight, two of my recent posts were left with embarrassing low quality images that were the whole basis of the posts themselves. It was pissing me off. This time, Googling answered my search needs sufficiently. I found the answer over at Peek and Ponder, a beauty blog.

If you follow her relatively easy instructions on such a long-winded journey to fixing our pictures! Apparently Google allows Picassa to auto-enhance them or some bull crap. Although, my options are slightly different to those in the post. I'll give you a quick run through on how I rectified the problem.

  1. Google+ homepage
  2. Home drop down list 
  3. Select Settings at the bottom
  4. Under the header 'Photos and Videos' turn Auto-enhance to Off
Dangerously Del x

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Blogger Tips! Twitter!

I find Twitter a messy social platform, in the sense that if you don't keep on top of it, you lose control. Making a blog dedicated twitter is an amazing way to keep in touch with readers and update them of any new posts or developments. I enjoy interacting with my followers but I cannot stand the unfollowers. I follow back all of my followers, with the exception of porn accounts and blatant spammers. 

An old account of mine I follow up to follower limit, 2001 and I cannot be bothered to clean it up. Its a mundane task that I began and then immediately stopped. My personal twitter is messy, but can be sorted with a bit of elbow grease, one day, when I care enough to. 

I have learnt my twitter lesson, and @DangerouslyDel is so much cleaner. Apart from the fact that @DangerouslyDelilah was too long a name for a twitter handle, I'm pleased with the direction its headed.

As you can see, my following to follower ratio is good and very easy to maintain since I downloaded Followers+ for Twitter. It's a simple application that breaks your followers down into categories, my favourite being New Unfollowers.

Checking out the Non-Followers is great way to decide if you want to continue to follow people who don't follow you. That one new unfollower is bugging me now, so I'm off to sort that out! Cheeky twitter plug, FOLLOW ME @DangerouslyDel

Dangerously Del xx

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Wishlist Wednesday!

I stumbled across a gorgeous site that sells the prettiest, most feminine dresses. Chi Chi make and sell dresses that I just want to try on and twirl in front of full length mirrors in. One in particular has crossed my eye, the Chi Chi Shannon

I absolutely love this dress, the colour is bright enough to be different, but also subtle enough to not take you too far out of your comfort zone. This is perfect for weddings as its modest and modern, but flirty enough for an outdoors summer date. The versatility makes it a must-have.

Ahh! Jellys! I loved jelly sandals as a child growing up in the 90s, they were the staple of scruffy children in the playground. Just don't sweat, it results in a slippery disaster. I love the pastel pink block heel version from New Look. At only £14.99, its an affordable trip down memory lane.

D-d-d-daisiessss! This screams summer, grass, cider, festivals. All the best things in the world. Boohoo's Lucia Daisy Print Swing Vest is only £10 and will definitely be a wardrobe staple for the foreseeable.

Dangerously Del xx

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Spring Inspirations!

Blue skies, budding leaves and cool fresh air. The sharp yellow of daffodils, the soft pinks of blossom. Colour returns after winter, I love spring. Spring motivates me, makes me want to do things! Makes my fingers itch and finally after starting two years ago, makes me want to complete my unloved bedroom. I got as far as stripping the walls, that's it. Two years of bare walls, that as time passed, I grew to ignore. 

Mood board time! For once, I know exactly what I want, instead of flinging together random, unmatching items, I have somewhat of a theme. 

I have decided to opt for a floral, fresh, feminine feel. I haven't yet decided on the main walls colour, but I'm bound to pick some shade of off-white. 

  1. This gorgeous fake blossom ornament is from Wilkinson's for only £8.00. I absolutely love Wilkinson's for their affordable accessories that brighten up the drabbest of rooms. Looking around my room over half of my ceramics are sourced from there.
  2. I regret finding this gorgeous shuttered mirror from Sainsbury's as its currently out of stock! I'm going to do my best to hunt this down, for £20.00 its reminiscent of French windows, capable of transforming this hovel into a boudoir of sorts. Although if I can't source it, I'm sure I could DIY a really shoddy version.
  3. I'm not sure if I even want to share this before it's purchased and up on my 'statement' wall. This wallpaper is what pulled together all these ideas. Now, I actually really dislike birds, especially pigeons, but that's another story for some other time. The essence of these birds on the gorgeous spring blossom, with subtle bursts of of colour that I can easily accessorize to draw them out. It is available from B&Q at £16 a roll, which is all I need.
  4. Every new season comes with its own smells that is a must to emulate in the home. I haven't yet tested the Sweet Pink by Yankee Candle but the look, brand and amazing double wick have me suckered in! 85 hours of burn time for £19.99. Another place I love to pick up my home fragrances is Sainsbury's, they always have fine scented, long lasting and reasonably priced deals on.
I realise that if I go for the statement wall, I must forgo my statement duvet covers. Ouch. That hurts. I can do this. Just don't make me do white sheets, I enjoy eating in bed too much.

Dangerously Del xx

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Good Deeds Day, March 9, 2014

Have you ever had a bag break on you with the entire contents spilling out onto the road? That dread you feel as you try to scurry around and rescue your belongings, only to realise that now your bag has broke, you have no way to carry your groceries home. You're ready to break down in tears until a stranger appears with the tools to save your day. An older, experienced lady hands you a carrier bag reassuring you that these things happen all the time and she carries spares just for these reasons. A handsome man appears from nowhere, making eye contact with you as he hands you your years supply of tampons and the tub of ice cream that escaped as your bag exploded. Well, why else would your bag betray you if it weren't to ensure you were completely humiliated? 

You scuttle away, hurriedly after saying thank you a thousand times, a little embarrassed but feeling amazing. The kindness of these strangers have completely changed the direction of your day. You update your Facebook status to share your misfortune, have a chuckle to yourself. But what do you do to continue this chain of kindness? I remember reading an article on Reddit about a person going to buy a coffee and inadvertently becoming part of a 'Pay it Forward' chain and the thread left me feeling genuinely happy reading the random acts of kindness. I couldn't imagine being the Ebenezer who 'Bah Humbugs!' the chain, walking away miserably with my free coffee. 

I live in London, a city notorious for its ignorance. We are fast paced and afraid of eye contact. The smile of a stranger is the sign of a serial killer, inner thoughts of 'This happy man is definitely going to slay the entire carriage.' There are little things we can do to break the monotony of this and spread ripples of kindness through the London transport system and anywhere for that matter. We can help the mother at the top of the stairs of Hackney Downs Station with a toddler and a young child in a pram. We can hold up a bus we see someone running for. We can let someone with one item in front of us in the queue. We can do all these things, simply because we can. 

Good Deeds Day is celebrating its 7th annual celebration of good deeds this year. The concept of which is a simple one, encourage others to do selfless acts for the benefit of others. They even send out packs for you to participate in, just click the image that best represents you! There are options to organize a volunteering event or find an event to volunteer at. My accessory is Words Of Magic, in which they sent me a bundle of three cards with inspiring quotes to send on.

So as well as sending out these cards I have decided to use social media to say kind things to the people in my life. A simple 'I like your hair here!' comment on someone's picture can really make their day. My mother always said 'If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.' If you get stuck for ideas, the accessory pack comes with ten suggestions to help you out!

I'd love to hear about your plans for Good Deeds Day, if you decided to apply for an accessory pack, what category did you get? Let me know about a time someone did something for you for no reason other than that of being kind.

Dangerously Del xx

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Sunday Evening Pamper Session

I love Sunday evenings, it's a routine I've developed over the years to the point where at 10 pm I'm in a state of almost comatose bliss. I think it initially started to wash away the filth and debauchery of the weekend, binge drinking sessions that left my body feeling exhausted.  Now its a necessity that I cannot afford to miss.

Every Sunday I change my sheets, quite frankly there is no better feeling than clean sheets. Then I follow it up using my fool proof pamper session! My collection of products is HUGE. I'm like my own branch of Boots. It keeps growing too! I'm not looking to stop any time soon, either. So here is my selection of this Sunday's session!

First thing is first, setting the mood. I light some candles and get the oil burner on the go, set the laptop up to watch episodes of Criminal Minds on Netflix.

Okay, so maybe 11 different products might be a little over the top. But believe me, when you experience bliss like this, you will thank me. It may seem a lot, but this is a top to toe full body worship routine. You will be left feeling like a goddess. 


So first up is the Sanctuary Spa Fresh-Faced Purifying Wash followed by the Sanctuary Spa Radiance Exfoliator. These two combined really do ensure that what ever gunk is attached to your face is gone, resulting in a fresh, smooth look and feel. These two alone work brilliantly, but this is about ultimate relaxation. Zen. So we bust out the big gun, in the form of Good Things Five Minute Facial Face Mask. By the time you are finished, you feel as if you have a new face to face the new week with. 


Exfoliation is key to healthy, smooth skin and Soap and Glory's Pulp Friction is my go to! I absolutely love how this keeps my body soft and healthy. No7 Blissful Body wash has a luxuriously, delicate scent and is as equally delicate to your skin. 


We tend to forget about our feet and I won't lie to you, this isn't included every week. I do it when its too late. When my heels are cracked and I refuse to take off my socks in bed! Prevention is always better than cure. At the moment, I am post rescue, with this fresh in mind I am in the very least aiming to keep on top of my feet! 


This is the bit I love the most, lighting an incense stick and bringing the candles in from the bathroom. Then moisturising the shit out of my body. I have moisturiser for every need. This week, I'm feeling a little weather damaged and can see the early signs of a psoriasis breakout, so I need to make sure my skin is as loved as possible. Jergens is perfect for this as your skin literally drinks it in. I use Palmer's Skin Firming Lotion on my ass in the hopes that one day, it won't sag. 

Back to the face, No7 Protect and Perfect Night Cream and Good Things Bright Eyes Eye Cream are the dream team in ensuring your face is ready for the best nights sleep of your life. I get into my favourite pyjamas, grab a cheeky snack and lay back to enjoy the bliss I've created.

If you fancy winning a £10 Amazon voucher to celebrate reaching 100 followers, check out this post!

Dangerously Del xx

Friday, 14 February 2014

Follower Celebratory Giveaway!

So I've the reached big 100 on both my Twitter and bloglovin'. Woohoo! Thanks guys! To celebrate, I'm going to give one of you lucky bunch a £10 Amazon voucher. This has been so much fun getting into the swing of writing again and sharing some of my favourite things with you all! I will celebrating by having a coffee and a slice of red velvet, mmmm. 

Plenty of exciting projects coming up, I can't wait to share them all with you. It's as if I finally tapped into the action side of my brain and everything is falling into place. I want to keep type, type, typing. Spreading my brain farts as far as they will go! I even went as far as writing on a calender to schedule blog posts :o! Maybe its a delayed 'new year, new me' bullshit vibe, organisational skills are definitely not what I'm known for.

I decided to opt for the Amazon voucher because its the most hassle free, universal little treat I could think of. I would probably use the tenner to put towards a Fulton Birdcage umbrella. Gorgeous little weather protectors! How would you spend yours? Add some new reads to your Kindle library? Maybe a DVD? Make-up? What ever it is, be sure to let me know!

Entry is simple, just enter via the rafflecopter below! A winner will notified within 48 hours after the draw closes.

Dangerously Del xx

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UFO Crash

For those of you unfortunate or fortunate enough, depending on how you look it, who didn't jump on the Flappy Bird bandwagon on time, have no fear. There is a saving grace in the form of a Facebook app. 

The exact same, time consuming, infuriating game with those annoying sounds is back. This time its a UFO which you have to guide through buildings. When I say guide, I mean pray whilst you keep clicking the mouse. I only secured a score of 13 before I had to peel myself away. I was ashamed of that score so I just went and had another couple of goes, I got 5. ARGH! It's too early for this. 

Although, this is a Facebook application, you don't actually need an account to play, I've been playing without logging in. Perfect for those who have been brave enough to break the shackles of social media, I salute you.

Get at me with your high scores and if its higher than mine, I will automatically dismiss you as a liar. Prove it with a screenshot on Twitter with the following: 'I beat @dangerouslydel top score! #UFOCrash'

I will be hosting a giveaway of a £10 Amazon voucher to celebrate 100 bloglovin' followers later, so stay tuned. Until then I hope you crash and burn.
Dangerously Del xx

Thursday, 13 February 2014

ghd V Pink Diamond Professional Styler

I was naturally blessed with poker straight hair, brush and and go, no problem. That was until one day on a whim I got it all chopped off. Gorgeous little asymmetric bob that would have been amazing, if it weren't such hard work! It needed styling every time I washed it, or I'd end up with this strange triangle-ish thing on my head. 

I never needed straighteners before, my hair was very tame set in a classic hairstyle. If it needed a bit of life, I'd plait or blow-dry it. It was a simple life for me and my 'do. December approaches, I was planning on getting myself a Michael Kors watch for a Christmas treat but my hair would not behave! Party season was upon us and I am in the process of growing out an untameable bob. I was sat on NET-A-PORTER eyeing up my watch, I needed it, I deserved it, this watch was destined to sit on my wrist! Then something shinier caught my magpie glare... ghd V Pink Diamond Professional Styler. I didn't hesitate, I ordered it there and then. I can regret it a later date. I was desperate.

I never ended up regretting it, in fact I would go as far to say that it was the best buy of 2013 for me. This little beaut is not only pleasing to look at but a pleasure to use. Plug in, switch on and is ready to use in a matter of seconds. My sleek locks are back, taking a maximum of ten minutes and the style holding for two days. The 2.7 metre cord means I am free to prance around, singing crappy pop songs as much as like using the ghd as a makeshift microphone.

Very feminine, as close to sexy as an electrical item can get. Many friends have complimented them 'Oooh!' Pink, without being vomit inducingly so. Bedazzled, without being My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. A slender tool, that saved my life. My hair looks so much healthier after using these, being left with a smooth shine which complements my hairstyle, even in the nasty stage of growing out. 

This comes complete with a matching hairbrush, which if I'm completely honest, intimidates me. Its huge and I only have a small head. If you needed any more justification in purchasing these, £10 goes towards Breakthrough Breast Cancer. I know this because it says so on the box.

Although not currently available from NET-A-PORTER, it is available here, for £115.00.

I still don't have my watch but I do have have sexy hair again. 

Dangerously Del xx

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Good Things Skincare Hamper

Quite a few months back I won the complete Good Things range and boy, have I been converted. At the moment my skin is a hormonal nightmare due to my contraceptive implant, which I find myself fighting with myself about, babies or spots? Spots win. My chin is like a game of Battleships, clear, clear, clear, BOOM! 

Good Things are an affordable skincare range made from superfruits, each product with its own individual blend and scent. This range is available from Sainsbury's, Tesco and Boots.

My daily staples now include the Deep Pore Anti Blemish Lotion and Face The Day SPF15 Moisturiser, these leave my skin feeling and looking amazing. The amount of gunk The Deep Pore Anti Blemish Lotion removes is incredible. As a woman in my mid-late 20s, I've realised I need to set in motion a skincare routine now, that protects against the elements in the battle against aging! I quit smoking after 11 years, drink more water and make healthy eating choices, aside from that I have added SPF moisturisers to my arsenal in the war against sun damage. 

For make-up removal, I find that the Fresh Start Creamy Cleanser is amazing, you rub onto dry skin and massage in a circular motion for a minute, then wipe away with a hot, damp flannel. So not only are you cleansing, you're also getting a mini facial at the same time. It really breaks down even the toughest mascara stains from an emotional release.

When my skin breaks out my go to is the Stay Clear Purifying Cleanser to breakdown all the nasty oils my skin loves to deposit on my face. You instantly notice the difference, I follow this by using Miracle Mattifier Moisturiser to ensure all that nasty grease is neutralised, after all nobody wants to look like they live in Beale's Plaice. I then seal the spots that have managed to take up residence with Stop That Spot Clearing Gel, I am yet to be convinced if these spot products do actually work, but at least I feel like I'm doing something!

Sunday nights are all about pampering, to give my body the love it needs after enduring the mean streets of London. I give myself a deep clean with Deep Clean Blackhead Exfoliatior to scrub clean any evidence of London transport and end the night on Five Minute Facial Face Mask an amazing little face mask that leaves me ready to face the week again!

One thing I really need to get in the swing of using is eye cream, something that 50 year old me will be kicking herself about, but when I do pull my finger out Bright Eyes Eye Cream is there to save the day! The most minuscule amount really does the trick.

Total Wipe Out Cleansing Wipes are HUGE and really get off everything! I'm not a make-up wipes fan in all fairness, usually they set my face on fire but these really are a fantastic addition to any skincare regime.

The only product out of the range that wasn't for me was the Blemish Control Gel Mask, although after letting friends try it, I've heard wonderful things about it.

The miracle product from these guys definitely has to be Instant Dark Circles Concealer, which is sitting proudly in my daily make up bag. I would go fresh faced everywhere if it weren't for the bags under my eyes that scream 'rough night' to everyone in the world. When I say rough night, I mean binge watching Buffy The Vampire Slayer on Netflix. This little beauty is amazing in the sense that its coverage is strong enough to completely hide the circles of doom but light enough to not need to be blended in resulting an awake looking natural you! Amazing.

So there you go, all in all, I only have good things to say about Good Things (get it? Good things about Good Things? Oh forget it.)

Dangerously Del xx 

Monday, 10 February 2014

Scented Seduction Secrets

I firmly believe that as well as looking good, smelling good is equally important. In fact, you should aim to smell better than how you look. Especially when you plan on wearing very little at all. Valentine's Day, the day for lovers across the world to become clich├ęd, roses, wine, candlelight and chocolate. The things that society tells us we need to express our 'love' for one and other. All of that of course, is a precursor of events to come, the main expression of love being the physical. 

Scent, being one of our 5 senses is often overlooked, but is a powerful stimulant. I read a statistic somewhere that you can accurately place a smell 65% of the time after a year as compared to the 50% of your visual counterpart. In other words, if you want to make this a night to remember you need to place these scent memory triggers. 

An alluring perfume is a requisite for women and men alike but a rookie mistake is to douse your actual skin with it! There is nothing attractive about nuzzling your partners neck and getting the taste of perfume on your tongue, casually trying to lick the pillow, anything to get rid of it. 

Top Tips

My number one tip is using a perfume that makes me feel sexy but instead of using it on my skin I spray it lightly onto my hair and a bit on the sheets/pillows. That way your fragrance is flowing but is not counteracting any physical play. Don't overdo it though!

A more subtle approach of course, are scented moisturisers which leave a faint smell but doesn't really last long. This is only really effective straight after bathing.

Don't forget the power of scented candles and oil burners, lightly fragrancing the room whilst your body is now a blank canvas to do with as you please. 

Dangerously Del xx

Friday, 7 February 2014

CK One - Red Edition

 I have a thing for perfume, its affordable glamour, to a degree. I love the bottles almost as much as I love the scents. Perfume gossip with the ladies certainly beats small talk about the weather. Friends late to meet you at the shopping centre? Perfume testing time, spritzing little pieces of card with a variety of scents. Actually this is one of my little tips for your handbag, those little sample cards are amazing for keeping your bag smelling amazing. Drop a few in of your favourite scent, or a variety just because you can! 

 I can't stop sniffing myself. If you weren't ready for Valentine's day, this will certainly get you in the mood. CK One Red Edition for him and her are a gorgeous addition for any couples bathroom shelf or a cute little reminder for distant lovers. 

As always, these come in glass hip flask-esque bottles with a spray cap in the box. They have glamourous metallic red caps with a simple CK logo, Hers in a clear bottle, His in a translucent black.

It's available from Superdrug £25 for 50 ml.

For Her

Gorgeous scent that really stays true to the original, but less floral and more sexy. I remember being hooked to CK One in early 2000, I was around 13 and my parents refused to get me it. I don't blame them, those were the days when I would douse myself with half a can of Impulse at a time, 'You smell like a whores boudoir!' Thanks, Mum. I got older and CK One had lost its appeal, it was out, it reminded me of the Two Pints generation, one I narrowly avoided! 

I lost my trail of thought there but I won't filter it out, back to the perfume. Calvin Klein's Euphoria bought CK back into the game for me, it was a contender! So on my next trip to the perfume counter, I didn't disregard CK One with the same notion as I did Tommy Girl and Armani Jeans, I spritzed it and fell in love all over again. I kept sniffing that card with the devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other. I'm not exactly sure who won, long story short, I bought CK One. Two weeks later, I smashed it. Whatever, I'm over it. 

This scent is lasting and strong, so use sparingly. She garnered a lot of compliments, always a good sign and people were surprised when I told them it was CK One Red. I haven't tried it out on 'him' yet, but I'll be sure to update when I do. ;) 

For Him

Now, until I give him to 'him', this will be a limited woman's point of view. I tried using my Neanderthal brothers who grunted and banged their chests when I asked what they thought of it. 'It's alright, I s'pose.' 

Well, that didn't start off too well, I just sprayed it in my face. Nice. Nonetheless, OMG. It's proper sexy! Dark, manly, strong. Not one I could get away with nicking occasionally but one I could definitely see myself nuzzling into.

The pair complement each other gorgeously, a sensual blend. 

Dangerously Del xxx

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Adult Toy Lounge Wishlist

Currently, I'm randomly selecting some of Twitter followers to create wishlists of their stores! All you need to be doing is following me!

First up is Adult Toy Lounge, this probably caught my eye because I am still shopping around for Valentine's Day! This site offers a great variety of products for spicing things up in the bedroom, so I'm just going to put a spotlight on a couple of my favourites. From novelty food to bondage and fetish, there's something for the coyest to the most hardcore. I'd place myself on the ladder at 'Novice Explorer.'

I'm absolutely loving their gorgeous range of Rocks Off Bullets, feminine looking with a loud attitude, the Gold Passion being my personal favourite of the bunch. It's sparkling, glamourous and all things that I pretend to be.

Let's chuck in some Jelly Willies too. Why? Because who doesn't like novelty willies?

Dangerously Del xx

Monday, 27 January 2014

My Skin Secret

During the winter, its really important to keep your skin hydrated, especially if you're not a fan of the alligator look. I moisturise daily, keeping my skin in tip top condition, but sometimes it needs that something extra. For an intensive skin rescue, that softens everything at once I use an oil that I found in a store called Pak's.

Africa's Best Ultimate Herbal Oil is a multi-purpose oil for use on hair, bath and body. I opt for the bath and body. I add a tablespoon or two or three, into a hot bath and then soak my worries away. I find this does all the hard work for me, even rough skin on my feet is softened. It has a sexy, musky smell that lingers adding to the experience. Everyone that I've recommended this too has loved it, the oil just makes your skin feel like it is loved. What's more, is that it's only £1.99! Just find your local Pak's type stores, that sell Afro-Caribbean beauty products and hair, etc. 

I've found it on Amazon for just over £4.00 with delivery, definitely worth giving it a try!

Dangerously Del xx

Sunday, 26 January 2014

St Valentine's Day Ann Summers Wishlist

With 'The Day of Love' fast approaching, it's only apt to do a post on it. I'm not a romantic person at all, flowers only die, I can buy myself chocolate, etc. In fact, the whole hearts and cards thing makes me feel a little bit sick. Then something finally clicked, it doesn't have to be soppy and almost grovelling, it can be selfish and sexy.

This year, I'm technically single. Well, it's early days and I hate labels. Whatever. I am a grown woman enjoying some sex. Now, there need not to be any declarations, but we can use this as an excuse to get our freak on. I can get 'us' some gifts that are really more for me. This year it's time to say goodbye to Hallmark and hello to Ann Summers.

In the case of my new lover, less is more and red is the go to colour, which is why these gorgeous, bow tied briefs are perfect to wrap up the main present! It's all about the arse these days and this beaut definitely makes sure yours is one to be contended with! Now, dressing up is more for him but it doesn't hurt to look and feel sexy! He will make it worth your while! I suggest teaming them with your highest, sexiest heels for maximum effect.

For the fun part! The selfish bit! The Rocks Off Gold Bullet Collection is a bargain for £15 and guaranteed to keep you entertained when the Mr isn't around (or even more when he is!) This is ultimately going to spice up Valentine's to a whole new level,
let go of your inhibitions and let your man take control! I'm especially liking the mini bullet, great for emergencies ;) or just to catch your man off guard whenever takes your fancy. It's glamourous gold shell reinforces the sexiness that you're aiming for. Enjoy.

To maximise sensations chuck in a Rub Tub Set and it's game, set and match! 

Dangerously Del xxx

Don't be shy... comment with your Valentine's ideas below!