Saturday, 2 November 2013

Christmas Wishlist

As the festive season fast approaches, I become a magpie. Shiny things catch my eye, but I have a little more self-control than usual. This week I have two things that I absolutely NEED in my life and I think you'll agree that they are fantastic. 

Yesterday, I was out shopping with a friend to help her buy shoes for a night out. We were in New Look and she was trying on a very nice pair of black suede wedges, whilst I continued to browse. I came across these bad boys. 
They are more of a champagne colour than the descriptive gold on the item, sparkling and all round WOW shoes, my friend opted for these over the black wedges. Whilst standing in the queue , I realised I had made a mistake, I should have kept my mouth shut and returned to buy them for myself. Now I face the dilemma of do I buy the same shoes as a friend (I like to be original) or do I pine over my perfect party shoes. I think I will hint to friends and family about how gorgeous they are, it doesn't count if they are a gift, right?

Now, next on my list is a gorgeous scent by Taylor Swift. I received a sample through the post yesterday and the scent immediately reminded me of my aunts Burberry perfume. It's a very sweet but warm scent, very feminine. I would say more ladies night than hot date. I spent a lot of yesterday sniffing my wrists just to get a whiff of it. May I just add, as a 26 year old woman I'm not particularly a Taylor Swift fan, but this perfume is gorgeous enough to proudly admit to wearing 'Taylor' by Taylor Swift. It's currently available at The Fragrance Shop, 30 ml with a free tote and a try first sample for only £22.50. Usually I would pester the man in my life for this, but as a singleton, I may have to resort to purchasing this one myself!