Saturday, 2 November 2013

Christmas Wishlist

As the festive season fast approaches, I become a magpie. Shiny things catch my eye, but I have a little more self-control than usual. This week I have two things that I absolutely NEED in my life and I think you'll agree that they are fantastic. 

Yesterday, I was out shopping with a friend to help her buy shoes for a night out. We were in New Look and she was trying on a very nice pair of black suede wedges, whilst I continued to browse. I came across these bad boys. 
They are more of a champagne colour than the descriptive gold on the item, sparkling and all round WOW shoes, my friend opted for these over the black wedges. Whilst standing in the queue , I realised I had made a mistake, I should have kept my mouth shut and returned to buy them for myself. Now I face the dilemma of do I buy the same shoes as a friend (I like to be original) or do I pine over my perfect party shoes. I think I will hint to friends and family about how gorgeous they are, it doesn't count if they are a gift, right?

Now, next on my list is a gorgeous scent by Taylor Swift. I received a sample through the post yesterday and the scent immediately reminded me of my aunts Burberry perfume. It's a very sweet but warm scent, very feminine. I would say more ladies night than hot date. I spent a lot of yesterday sniffing my wrists just to get a whiff of it. May I just add, as a 26 year old woman I'm not particularly a Taylor Swift fan, but this perfume is gorgeous enough to proudly admit to wearing 'Taylor' by Taylor Swift. It's currently available at The Fragrance Shop, 30 ml with a free tote and a try first sample for only £22.50. Usually I would pester the man in my life for this, but as a singleton, I may have to resort to purchasing this one myself! 

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Happy Halloween!

Just a quick one to wish you all a safe and haunting Halloween! May you all have plenty of sweets and be scared witless by your favourite horrors! Tonight I'm taking I'm going to take advantage of a code for a free rental I received from The Horror Show after taking part in a survey and scare myself senseless.
No costumes for me this year, just some pyjamas and sweeties but nonetheless feeling the Halloween vibe. At present, I'm sat in my spooky East London flat supplying the children from my estate with sugar, listening to sirens and youths setting off fireworks. The shops round here ID you for eggs during Halloween, so at least that's not a concern. I used to love egging when I was a chavvy young teen. I wonder why us Brit's never took to 'TP'ing'? 

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

The Secret Diary Of a Closet Comper

Beginners Luck?

I have completely got the comping bug. I did it as a test for a blog piece on another blog and made the decision that it wasn't for me. Dull, repetitive and nobody actually wins this stuff, right? Well that was before my emails started rolling in, first was a pizza cutter. Not much, but hey, better than a kick in the teeth. The next day I won £130 worth of clothes and skin care followed by a phone call informing me I had won tickets to a premiere. The following week, I won a pair of Hunters wellies.  Oh and a DVD, keep forgetting that. Oh wait, a baby feeding spoon as well. 

I only enter free to enter comps, well, because I'm a tight arse.  The main types I enter are twitter, facebook app and Rafflecopter type on fellow bloggers pages.  Obviously the occasional magazine one here and there too. Always check the tick boxes and the T&C's. I found a forum that I am comfortable with, and source my competitions from there, google around, there are plenty to choose from!

Now that I have the bug, I feel the need to justify reasons to continue. I found the perfect excuse, comping for Christmas! I have set myself the goal to get everyone's presents solely by comping. As an aside, I will review the products I kept for myself, along with the companies who sent them here in this blog.

This will be a strange experience, blogging without using my own social networks, because I don't want and Christmas spoilers! I wonder how far I can take this without pressuring close friends to click my links and share my articles? To start with I have sorted a dedicated twitter which I would really appreciate a follow! I follow everyone back :)